Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Champion by Elizabeth Chadwick

This book had it's bland moments, but all in all, once I waded through those parts that were
bogging me down, I discovered that I had actually enjoyed it. I have quite a few E.Chadwick books and though I kept buying them once upon a time, I have a bit of a problem with her female characters. I find them lacklustre, depressing and pretty much devoid of personality. There are slight glimmers of endearing qualities or spirit, but they never persist.

It's probably just me. Everyone get's something different from each book they read, though I have to say, dull female characters seem to be a bit of a recurring pattern in Chadwick's books. And yet her male characters are so well done, that it is what kept me buying her books off the shelves.

The Champion's female character was up there with the blandest and yet the male characters were great to read about, so the balance tipped and made this book worthwhile. I gave it a pretty good star rating because I rated it only against other Chadwick novels I have so far read. A good book and worth your time, I'd say, if you are into historical fiction that is love story driven.


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