Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wildlife Photography Workshops by Steve & Ann Toon

A very good book if you want an uncomplicated and personable education on taking wildlife shots. The basics are all outlined in an easy going manner, without being too deliberately dumbed down nor pretentiously plumped up.

A good all rounder that details: The Basics (Chapters on exposure etc), Perspective (Chapters on Lens choices), Painting with Light (chapters on using light, flash and weather in your captures for best effect), Composition (chapters on the dos and don'ts of photography), Fieldcraft (chapters on getting those shots in the field), The Subject (Chapters on how to best capture the subject or subjects), and Where Next? (a few pages on how to set yourself projects).

This book is all you need as you start out in Wildlife Photography. It does fall down a bit in that the technology has come along in leaps and bounds since 2003, when this book was published, and for that lacking element, I gave it four stars not five.
I haven't read a lot of books targeted only to Wildlife Photography at this stage, but I can recommend it confidently as it has helped me start out...proof is in the eating and this book eats well enough.

I leave you with a quote from the chapter called Where Next?

"Photographing wildlife is a continual learning process, compromising nine-tenths sheer frustration and one-tenth pure pleasure."

No truer words can be spoken about Wildlife Photography!! I have come home with 400 useless shots many a time! But sometimes I do find one or two that I really like and it is those few shots that fuel my passion.



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