Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy by Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo

Another lovely book by these two outgoing Italian cooks that is full of not only recipes, but plenty of reading as well.

It is one of two books that they have produced together and it was released in conjunction with a very enjoyable TV food travel series.

I liked it less than the other book as many of the recipes were using ingredients that I cannot access easily or would have to substitute. Many if those substitutes would change the flavour of the recipe and that defeats the point of reading a cookbook. Substituting flavours and ingredients is something I do 'after' trialing the original recipe. That is the beauty of cooking from books for me. Finding recipes. Trying them the way the author makes them and then tweaking them to ones own taste and local ingredients.

It is definitely more a cookbook for the European market than the world market.
Still, there were plenty of recipes in the book I will try. Such as the Risotto with Prawn and Courgette Flowers. Oh yes. Where have you been all my life??


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